Rocco Iacobellis

President & CEO

We’re a Philadelphia area company. Our focus is to look at innovative options that are available for our clients. We then build customized yet profitable outcomes that address their short and long term goals. 


Everything that helps to deepen a connection with a potential prospect and/or customer must instantly relate and generate the most relevant response. The ultimate goal of any sales or marketing strategy is to motivate interest, engagement and conversion. From there retention is of new customers over the long term is even more important. We'll help with that as well.


Below you'll find some of the areas in which we do just that. It enables us to begin honest dialogue about your business. We can then assess and determine where and how we can assist with conversion, securing greater retention and deepening relationships with customers. Lastly, our approach is focused on being fluid and flexible as we evaluate performance and adjust for success.

Our Clients

Discovery / Evaluation


Defining goals and objectives. Identification of complex sales and marketing issues.

We’ll discuss:

  • If your sales people are working hard but getting mediocre results?
  • Lack of prospects in your pipeline?
  • If marketing materials lack efficacy, attention, results and conversion?
  • If your brand is innovative, outdated, connecting or not representing who you are?
  • If you have a Sales & Marketing Plan that matches your financial goals?
  • If you evaluating and tracking progress of sales activity?


Defining Strategy / Consent

From information gathered, we’ll work towards presenting a strategic path forward.

We’ll discuss:

  • Rationale for strategic process
  • Competitive scan / Gap analysis 
  • Success metrics 
  • What actions will be identified
  • Who will be the custodian of the process (ownership)
  • Timetable of action plan
  • Reporting


Implementation / Review


When the rubber hits the road. It's when great strategy meets the articulaton of process, tactics, timing and how success will be determined. Time to introduce your value proposition and messaging to customers. We'll help you get ready for:

  • Kick-off and launch of process, product or event
  • Choreography of all tactical elements and stewardship of project
  • Evaluation of progress



Priorities Marketing Group delivers guidance and consultation on handling these types of challenges. Call us today to schedule an open discussion about what your sales & marketing challenges are. We’ll share how we provide value and make a difference.



Our focus is on generating sales and marketing planning that fits your budget, priorities and timing.  

Contact us at: or call (267) 229-6203