Sales Training & Coaching
Change Before You Have To

When Jack Welch said "change before you have to”, it encapsulated every aspect of proactive selling and our lives in general. When things fall to pieces, we become hyper vigilant and motivated to change something, right?


So instead of gratuitously saying “we need to begin thinking about doing A-B-C”… focus on a commitment to the fix today!


Today is the time to begin the corrective course that will transform your life, your company and your perspective about success. Priorities Marketing Group offers customized sales training and sales effectiveness solutions delivered to the highest standards by experienced people who practice what they preach. It’s a quite simple step. Have you ever asked someone what kind of wine is the best one to drink, only to be told “the one that tastes the best to you”. We take the same approach with Training & Coaching.


We provide a practical road map for filling prospecting pipelines, improving closing ratios and increasing sales and profits. The process (focused on what/how/when) is where we start. It’s not about starting from the same place every time with every client. We generally provide training and coaching services to our clients in one of two ways:


  • Private Training Programs
  • One-on-One Sales & Sales Management Coaching


Most of the training we provide is “private,” meaning that it is customized and delivered to a specific company or firm. In addition, we offer one-on-one sales and sales management coaching to select individuals.


Sales Assessment

  • Sales Assessment
  • Business Plan Review
  • Sales Representative interviews and feedback
  • Sales tools efficacy assessment
  • Review of negotiating skills
  • Prospecting / Lead Generation / Referrals
  • Evaluation of pipe-line process / networking activities
  • Metrics/How client evaluates success/Accountability
  • Determination of key message or elevator pitch
  • Next steps - Recommendations


  • Assessment skills and activities
  • Ideation on support for new business and sales process
  • Delegation towards key personnel
  • Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit and focus to decision making
  • Commitment to Support tools for successful outreach
  • Getting the right people on the bus/wrong people off
  • Becoming more of a visionary leader
  • Goal oriented policies


Our clients use us because they trust our expertise, value our process and are thrilled with the results. Start here/today. Click here to engage us.